Monday, November 20, 2006

B2B Blogging...

My colleauge and fellow Digital Strategy Director - Richard Adams will be speaking next B2B Marketing Great Debate to be held at the English Speaking Union on 4 December.

Be there or be square...

Friday, November 10, 2006

To plan - or not to plan?

Several people I work with seem to think that I'm a planner.

My job title is Digital Strategy Director (Dude) but working at Chemistry Digital in Nottingham I've got lots of different hats.

I'd like to think that I'm a creative generalist but looking at my RSS feeds this morning I do subscribe to quite a few Planning blogs - so I must be interested in this area.

There's a good post at Northern Planner about seizing the day and stuff... that's what we need to be doing - stop assuming that the conversations we started 2 years ago are a given. They're not...

In fact most marketers still don't know what I'm talking about - most of the time - or is that just my poor communication skills?

Anyway - I always read Russell...

Owning a keyword - Persuasion Pathways...

We've been talking a lot about Persuasion Pathways at work recently. Heck it's even in our vlog!

I coined the prase after reading about Persuasion Architecture at futurenowinc.

I was bored with hearing the phrase "Customer Journey" - so I decided to coin a new one.

It also tied in with our worldview of Permission Marketing Online that we wrote about in our 4G Web strategies client briefing document...

Anyhow I decided to post this piece and stake my claim in the search engines.

Dilbert blog...Scott Adams is a genius!

Haven't blogged on here for ages - have been very busy.

So let me resume with my vote for ScottAdams to get two Nobel prizes
- one for Economics and one for Peace!

Read all about his war calculations/metrics here

I've only hooked up my RSS reader to his blog in the last few weeks - I've definately been missing out.