Friday, January 28, 2005

To blog or not to blog...

Another week into the experiment.

Have decided to do a blog called "The Metric Diet" - this is going to be an easy to follow - 100 day plan for people who know that they have to lose at least 30 pounds - ooops there goes the metric but... I meant to say about 12-15kgs??

Have also set up a company blog - ilovepdg - we're going to use that for news items - away from the company website.

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I get it now...

Didn't take long - as I'm really quite clever.

I followed a few links - read some stuff - it's all clear now...

Downloaded an RSS reader, put in a few links here - re-energised some discussions at work [ PDG Graphics ] about e-newsletters - permission marketing, the way forward etc etc.

It's fantastic!

As Aladdin would say "...a whole new world"!

Monday, January 10, 2005

David Coe, David Coe, David Coe

David Coe sees if this quite shameless blog story entitled David Coe, David Coe, David Coe helps raise google search engine awareness for the name David Coe.

David Coe uses the online name davidcoe... when posting comments to blogsites etc and that seems to have worked for davidcoe...

David Coe works at PDG Graphics in Nottingham and has been called David Coe for a long time.

Thoughts from the weekend...

Just finished reading Karaoke Capitalism - good read.

If you liked Funky Business you'll love this.


Will have to decide how often I'm going to update this and whether I'm going to take a free-form - make it up as I go along approach - or if it needs to be a bit more lovingly crafted.

I think that the main problem is that I haven't quite decided what blogs are for?

Are they not just a more up to date version of a Christmas "round-robin" - "I say chaps this is what we got up to this year" crap?

If anyone's got any handy hints - getting started - sort of info - please let me know.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Thoughts for 2005

Why am I here?

To communicate with a wider audience
To discover just who's out there.
To try and see where all this energy and convergence is going to.
To spread a bit of Taoist joy??


Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Joining The Bloggers

Realise that I should have been trying out this technology a while ago.

Well here goes.