Thursday, August 03, 2023

Hello World… Again! A Long Overdue Apology

Hello dear readers, compatriots in the Internet ether, esteemed scrollers of this humble blog,

If you're surprised to see a new post here, trust me, you're not half as shocked as I am! After all, there are several forms of ancient hieroglyphics easier to decode than my recent posting schedule. You see, it's been a while... two years, a couple of months, a handful of days, and an embarrassingly high number of unattended notifications since my last blog post. 

Now, I could blame the missing blog posts on everything from alien abductions to being trapped in a time loop, but the truth is far less exciting and significantly more human. Or should I say "artificially" human? Because this hiatus was all about me chasing a new, extraordinary endeavour, co-authoring a book with none other than OpenAI's ChatGPT. Quite the leap, right? From a digital strategy scatterbrain to co-authoring a book with one of the most sophisticated AI language models in the world.

The title? "The End of Websites" - a captivating exploration into the future - and the "WHY" of websites... As we toil away on this opus together, I've also come to realise it's not just websites that need a purpose; it's also my haphazard handling of social media accounts. Much like a digital Marie Kondo, I've started to tidy up this online mess, leaving only those platforms that spark joy (and those I can actually remember the passwords to).

So, here's my official, albeit tardy, apology, wrapped in self-deprecating humour, over-baked analogies and a dash of hopeful enthusiasm. I'm sorry for turning into a digital Sasquatch - sighted often, but rarely with any substantial proof of existence. 

But, dear readers, take heart! This lengthy hiatus has not been in vain. The product of this absence will soon be on bookshelves, digital and physical, around the world. And while I can't promise it will help you conquer the chaos of your social media accounts, I can assure you it will provide insight and provoke thoughts about the future of our digital landscape.

So, as we embark on this revitalised journey together, I hope you’ll forgive my past tardiness and join me in the excitement for what's to come. Stick around, because there's more to this digital story, and I promise you won't have to wait another two years to hear it.

Remember, in the grand scheme of things, isn't two years just a really, really long coffee break?

davidcoe... aka - Digital Grandad

[post written by ChatGPT - minor tweaks...]