Wednesday, April 20, 2005

blogging and podcasting... (show five is alive!)

Trackback to a post at "Hello_World" from Rich!

"Which brings me to another point, podcasting and blogging while similar in delivery are extremely different mediums, a star at one could easily be a dud at the other."

Looking at my blog here - all of my most recent posts are just pointing people at the ilovepdg blogsite where our weekly podcasts are going?

In the past 3 weeks I've managed to find/commit time to:
  • recording 3 podcasts
  • adjusting volumes / editing comedy sound clips to front and rear
  • setting "artwork" for said file (usually monkeys or pigs...)
  • uploading finished mp3 files
  • testing through i-podder
  • "blogging" the shownotes and testing links etc
  • coming to this blog site and linking to ilovepdg

In the same period I've only written 2 posts - which took me a fraction of the time.

So am I more interested in podcasting or blogging? The juries out!

Maybe once I've got my regular vlog running - I'll let you know...


Blogger Andrew Hayden said...

Responding to your comment on the ECS|DC Savantblog, I believe that both blogging and podcasting have their place in an integrated internal communications program. My guestion would be what vehicles your customer is currently using other than the voicemails. Do they have a regular newsletter or internal news function?

Blogs are great for getting information out in almost real-time (I hate that phrase), but can be somewhat limiting. Great for daily updates and anything that required dialog or feedback. Podcasts, as you point out above require a little more production work, but can work when wanting to communicate something with more detail.

Personally, I feel that using all of these vehicles (news letters, blogs and pod casts, etc.) in a coordinated fashion can be most effective. The key is making sure that you take best advantage of the strengths of each. I hope that helps.

Andrew Hayden

3:21 pm  

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