Tuesday, February 15, 2005

HTML has gone crazy...

Template doing weird things - bear with me


Blogger davidcoe... said...

I must have broken the template - doh!!

9:32 am  
Blogger davidcoe... said...

It was the hyperlink in the Seth story - wasn't forcing a return so the left hand table was forcing the right hand navigation to the bottom of the page...oh my god I am a geek!

9:36 am  
Blogger Alexoid said...

Yes you are a geek. Are you using a Mac to manage your blog, that could be a problem. ;)

3:43 pm  
Blogger davidcoe... said...

The really geeky thing is posting comments to my own posts - that's sad...

No Macs here - only virus ridden / cheap / hard to use PCs - hooray!

7:10 pm  

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