Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Hugh Macleod talks a lot...

Just listened to Hugh's "first podcast" - linked with reboot 7.0 .

A bit long for a man of my taste but in amongst it all there's a lot of sensible talk about life 'n shit... and sheep.


Life/Blog balance - I need to just focus on one project and see how that goes - rather than juggling lots of different ones - as a gemini I'm great at multi-tasking - just not too good at finishing any of them off...


Chinese film project - if anyone out there knows Peter Loehr from Imar films can you get me an e-mail contact please. Or someone at Columbia Pictures Asia (Barbara Robinson?)

Will do a seperate post with synopsis - it's all written - just don't want to play the Hollywood game and send off unsolicited to 1,000's of people - must be smarter marketing?


metricdiet - must just get it finished and start tactical PR / WOMM campaign...