Monday, June 27, 2005

Chinese film project: "Isolation"...

Here's my earlier post...

Chinese film project - if anyone out there knows Peter Loehr from Imar films can you get me an e-mail contact please. Or someone at Columbia Pictures Asia (Barbara Robinson?)

Will do a seperate post with synopsis - it's all written - just don't want to play the Hollywood game and send off unsolicited to 1,000's of people - must be smarter marketing?

OK - so here's the post/synopsis - maybe a bit too intellectual in tone??:


ISOLATION tells of the gradual rekindling of a love affair, haunted by the past.

Themes from Jane Austen’s PERSUASION combine with the visual imagery of CROUCHING TIGER - HIDDEN DRAGON to create a truly global “fusion film”.

It’s 1423 and Lieutenant Zhao Jiang returns home after travels overseas with the legendary Chinese explorer, Admiral Zheng He.

A new Emperor has banned all naval trading and exploration and a programme to destroy their enormous “treasure ships” has already begun.

Jiang is unexpectedly reunited with Lin, whose family had persuaded her to reject his marriage proposal six years previously.

Circumstances seem destined to keep them apart as Jiang returns to service in the navy - fighting coastal pirates who threaten the returning fleet.

With the death of his closest friend Jiang begins to re-evaluate his life and decides to try and win Lin’s heart again.

As the story switches to Beijing - where Lin’s father is a politician in the Emperor’s court. ISOLATION charts the religious and political motivations behind historical decisions shape the geo-political landscape of the world today.

As China retreats into religious and ideological isolation from the rest of the world - four centuries of seafaring traditions and skills are lost...

Will Jiang and Lin ever reconcile their love?...


Let me know if anyone want's me to post the opening scenes?