Thursday, May 12, 2005

podcast evangelism - a reality check...

Talking to some customers yesterday about blogging, RSS and podcasting -- I need some material to support this now...

We talk in show seven about mainstream media only just catching up with blogging - let alone podcasting.

I think this is a bit of a reality check for me - it'll be a good few years before the "world at large" gets it... (in fact as we've discovered with websites, e-newsletters and other stuff - lots of people will never get "it"...)

but then - that's why we don't fear change... what's next?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


I have lots of stuff on my site
about internal blogging. I sell entreprise blogging systems. Try not to be too tossed off with the enterprise business. What's more, systems blogging is really a different animal from your standard micky mouse blogging applications. Not that they are harder to use, quite the contrary. They are more robust and feature rich. Anyway I have lots of ideas you can use from my blog. Email me if you have questions

Good luck.

Jim Wilde

7:13 pm  

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